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Dark Uriel by lizabey Dark Uriel by lizabey
My first Dark OC yaaay~
Uriel is a former fifteen-year-old, pure-hearted human. =w=
The barrier between the Light and Dark Realms kinda broke, so Lance and this group of shadows (It was pretty much a full party) kidnapped him, collected three Light Relics and four Dark Relics, then sacrificed him in order to restore things. (For the sacrifice, they had to drain all his blood out)
Yup, that's pretty much how the story goes, though we're not actually finished the RP yet.
But like every cliche story, Lance fell in love with the human boy, so after that he just kinda kept the body around so that he could revive him. So... Uriel was pretty much like Sleeping Beauty for who knows how long until Lance found two more humans, William and Fiona. He trapped them in the Realm of Darkness, then kidnapped and killed them and gave Uriel their blood. After that he was able to resurrect Uriel. Right away after that he did a second little ritual and transformed him into a Dark.
Uriel lives with Lance now. He's got his own room in the tallest room of the tallest tower and spends his days drinking tea and cross-dressing. XD

Uriel is a lover of Lance and Tadashi, and he's good friends with Urorim. Before becoming a Dark, he would try to be helpful, would ask lots of questions, and would usually deny things he didn't want to believe. As a Dark, he isn't even slightly innocent. He's more of a childish brat now. He is the most demanding thing ever, and bullies everyone he meets. He hates being alone and will usually tag along with Lance, or whoever else is there if Lance is out doing something else. At first missed his family and his life from when he was a human. He believed that if he were to visit them, he probably wouldn't have gotten a very warm welcome from them. However, as time went by, his human memories disappeared, and for all he's concerned, Lance is his family.
...He really is just one big damsel. Along with Kipper. Lance is always having to rescue those two.

So yeah.

Dark Uriel belongs to me and PsychoticHysteria.
ElfenPrimrose Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He is so beautiful ohgosh
lizabey Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Pfft, yes I love him, too. XD
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